Hello world

This is my first post! I like rants. It’s an honest way to present any interesting side about yourself. Rants should be insightful… full of levity… and challenging to others personal opinions. Or maybe it’ll make you feel even more self-righteous about your viewpoints. Hey that’s good too if you thought it thru!

I’m learning a lot about:

  1. JavaScript, and open-source software in general (like reactjs). I’m a hardcore free software kinda dude

  2. Design and its close cousin simplicity

  3. Motion design, microinteractions, and microaggressions (just kidding about this one)

  4. Customer service. The best business advice is that people matter, so if you wanna succeed then care about people.

  5. …and other stuff

I’ll be writing here about things that orbit around those topics. Thx for stopping by!