iOS dialpad

One day, like any other day, I noticed the really subtle vfx when I tapped a number on the iOS dialpad. It's only fractions of a second... but struck me as something the Apple people would even care about intentionally designing. I tried to recreate the effect just for the simple experience of putting a laser focus on such a subtle animation.

  • Responds to touch, and keyboard input
  • Uses the touchtone lib to emulate DTMF tones
  • The font is Helvetica


This is just a self-initiated product exploration. The idea is to get lots of people in your "room" and everybody listens to the same music! There's voting to queue the next track, and whatnot. EYyy look at me Daniel Ek!
  • The room "owner" can name the room as well as the descriptor name for each user (here it's "jabbawockeez" 🤷🏽), and only room members can invite others into the room
  • Avatars are from the nifty service
  • Fonts used: Montserrat and Helvetica Neue
  • Icons were designed in Sketch